Women in Business: Easy Curves

Top Tech Tools for Women in Business is a flagship programme presented by the Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative (CiTi) in partnership with the City of Cape Town. The programme is aimed at helping female entrepreneurs and founders advance their digital competencies, and gain practical skills on how to effectively use tech in their businesses.


Entrepreneur, Sonia Gimenez, the founder of Easy Curves, is a former participant of the programme and shared her journey with us.


“Easy Curves is a woman-run company whose main focus is to assist women to have better control of their bodies using inner garments so that they can wear whatever outfit and be fully confident based on the control they have,” shares Sonia.


Founded in 2016, the idea for the business came about after Sonia’s experience with cross fitness.


“I went into cross fitness and lost important curves which I could not surgically improve – such as my tummy and my buttocks and my boobs.”


Now, almost 5 years into her business, Sonia has enjoyed many highlights.


“My highlights so far has been how the market has received the product on various e-commerce platforms – I have had quite a few success stories on the shapewear bought, where the women come back and refer their friends.”


Women in Business: Easy Curves 1


She adds that the Women in Business programme has equipped her with the tools to grow her company., and encourages other female founders to join the programme.


“The programme has highlighted tech tools which I am currently using and has put me in touch with other women in the industry -most importantly given me a group so that I don’t feel so alone.”


Like many businesses, Sonia has faced challenges along the way.


Women in Business: Easy Curves 2


“The lack of funds from banks – they don’t support small business at all or hear them out.”


Has COVID-19 affected her business?


“Yes it did in the first initial stage of lockdown – thereafter it was fine due to my business predominately being online.”


Even before starting her business, Sonia has always been passionate about business.


“I have always been passionate from the beginning as it’s all about assisting women irrespective of their age or size.”

Women in Business: Easy Curves 3

The entrepreneur adds she has big plans for the future of her business.


“My vision is to be one of the well-established shapewear brands in Southern African as well as to get the local groups in the communities involved in product production.”

If you are a female founder/CEO and would like to participate in the Women in Business Programme for 2020, apply now.