CapaCiTi teams up with Centrax

Creating Your Future Employees

Our vision at CapaCiTi is to grow the digital economy by developing future-fit employees with the digital skills that meet industry demand. We do this by offering innovative training and experiential learning programmes focusing on both technical and professional development.



What Our Existing Partners Have to Say About Our Interns

We partnered with Centrax Systems (a technology consulting and services company), a collaboration that saw us placing some of our interns at the company. The partnership has been successful, with our CapaCiTi graduates being the right fit for the company.

“The weeks since the first onboarding have been great … These interns are a breath of fresh air, thank you for this! We are really enjoying the energy that the interns bring to Centrax and we are already earmarking a few for absorption into the company post-November or sooner.”

Lele Msimango,

COO Centrax Systems


CapaCiTi teams up with Centrax 1

What Being a CapaCiTi Partner Can Do for You

We urge you to partner with CapaCiTi as an employer or funder to help nurture and grow your digital talent pipeline. Not only will you be building South Africa’s skills pipeline and contributing to youth employment, but you will also benefit from our digital talent offering. Some benefits include:

  • Work-ready candidates
  • Candidates prepared specifically for your industry and requirements
  • Upskill and re-skill your existing workforce for the Fourth Industrial revolution
  • Increased speed and competency of digital talent


If you would like to know more about what we can do for you, contact CapaCiTi at


CapaCiTi teams up with Centrax 2