Meet TownshipTech hackathon judges: Lara Rosmarin

After a fierce round of competition, we are excited to announce the finalists for the Reach and Support theme of the TownshipTech hackathon and pitch competition:

Congrats to Team Basket and Team Thenga IT Troopers


Each team has been assigned a coach who will take ownership of their own category (theme) and coaching – so their two teams will compete against each other for the winning pitch.


The Reach and Support teams will be under the coaching leadership of Lara Rosmarin from CiTi.


Cape Town-born Lara Rosmarin has a Bachelor of Social Science degree from UCT and an Honours degree in Clinical Psychology from UWC.


Lara wrote her first children’s book “A Magical Day For Dreaming”, which sold a record of 15000 copies a record for a South African born children’s author. All proceeds of which she donated to charity.


Lara’s corporate experience, combined with her expertise in business development and funding groomed her for her role as the CEO and co-founder of One of South Africa’s premier schools of entrepreneurship and an Executive Director of one of South Africa’s first accelerators. Lara’s focus is to educate and empower entrepreneurs in order for them to take control of their own destinies. She believes that everyone has the ability to be an engineer of change.


After selling her business to a prominent banking institution in South Africa Lara continued to consult to leading businesses in both South Africa and Internationally. She dedicates a significant amount of attention to various charitable organisations to help raise funds and bring awareness to their causes – with a specific focus on vulnerable children and women’s issues.


Lara is currently the Head of Entrepreneur Development and incubation for CiTi. Her primary role is to Lead the Entrepreneurial Development and Incubation division keeping existing products relevant and support the design of new products to further empower the entrepreneurial trajectory.


Lara was named by Fast Company Magazine as one of South Africa’s most creative people in business for 2016.