Call for Applications: BuildUP Science Career Accelerator!

Science Bridge, in partnership with Talent Development Institute and BioCiTi, have an exciting opportunity for driven young people who would like to explore the BioTechnology industry!


This opportunity will provide the South African youth with a chance to embark on a 12-month SETA Accredited Learnership Programme, by receiving theoretical knowledge through instructor-led online and classroom-based training sessions, combined with practical experience whilst job shadowing various industry positions under the helm of the BuildUP Science Career Accelerator programme.


In the wake of a global crisis, job markets are moving towards virtual hiring strategies and online talent acquisition. At the same time, talented graduates do not have proper training and education from universities countrywide to enter the job market. As a result, companies are missing out on opportunities to hire suitable, talented, fresh, and brilliant graduates.


The 2020 survey, conducted among postgraduate students at the University of Cape Town’s Faculty of Health Sciences, showed that about 40% of respondents did not know what type of careers are available to them after graduation!


The solution was to create a unique hybrid career development programme, which will prepare graduates in a structured way, without interference with their day-to-day responsibilities. In collaboration with our partners, we provide a comprehensive support curriculum, which adds value to both budding graduates as well as to companies seeking top talent.



What we offer you:

  • 2-year programme.
  • In-person and online training.
  • Biomedical Science Career Preparation.
  • Strong Entrepreneurship Component.
  • Science Career Development.
  • Life and career coaching.
  • Becoming an entrepreneur.
  • Job Shadowing Programme.


Criteria to be eligible to apply:

Final year postgraduate students in the field of biotechnology including but not limited to:

  • Plant biology,
  • Human biology,
  • Pharmacy,
  • Health sciences,
  • Genetics,
  • Developmental Biology,
  • Virology,
  • Immunology.


Be based in the following cities:

  • Cape Town
  • Johannesburg
  • Durban


This initiative will offer you a fantastic, mentored learning opportunity, with an exciting possibility to access a successful career in a growing industry.



To learn more and apply, click below.


Fiona Tabraham

Fiona Tabraham is a strategic workforce development expert with a career founded on a resolute commitment to inclusivity, talent nurturing, and societal impact. Chief Executive of CAPACITI Digital Career Accelerator, Fiona’s passion for equity has charted pathways across numerous organisations, guiding bespoke Talent Initiatives, Future Leadership Development Programs, and transformative Career Pathway Development. Her tenure at Network Rail bore inclusive talent strategies, STEM advocacy, and innovative Graduate, Apprentice, and Internship initiatives. A trusted partner to a number of governmental, corporate and impact driven entities, Fiona empowers individuals and organisations, fostering diverse recruitment practices and innovative talent strategies. Fiona’s impact transcends the tech sector, positioning her as a leading voice for inclusive digital career initiatives.