Call for Applications: Join our next Incubator Programme

Ready to elevate your business in the Bioeconomy sector? Join the UVU Bio’s incubator programme and transform your concept, product, or service into a success story! 


UVU Bio is actively seeking visionary post-revenue startups and dynamic SMMEs who are ready to take their ventures to new heights. Our programme offers tailored business, financial, and technical guidance, along with access to the vibrant UVU Bio ecosystem.  


Established by UVU Africa (previously known as CiTi) in 2019, UVU Bio (previously known as BioCiTi) is a specialised biotech incubator that serves as the nexus where science, business, and investment converge. UVU Bio play a pivotal role in shaping Africa’s industries of the future by bridging the gap between research and the commercialisation of ideas. 

In response to a need for a holistic support resource, the team have carefully curated an incubation programme which assists ambitious business owners in the biotech sector to take their offering to market Since its inception, UVU Bio has nurtured businesses within its incubation programme, collectively achieving revenue growth exceeding R29 million.

Biotechnology encompasses a wide spectrum of fields, including industrial biotech, agritech, healthcare, biological waste valorization, bioenergy, pharmaceuticals, and more. We encourage businesses from all sectors to apply!

Our focus is on biotech startups that are late in the research cycle and early in the product cycle. 

See the cycles below:  

Public Funding Incubators: 

Pre-seed – Orientation (Months 1 – 3)  

Seed – Planning (Months 4 – 12)  


Business Angels Crowdfunding: 

Startup – Founding (End of 1st year)  

First Stage – Set-up (1st – 3rd year)  


Venture Capital Strategic Partnership:  

 Second Stage – Growth (4th – 6th year)  

Later Stage – Maturity (As of 6th year)  


So, if you are a post-revenue startup or SMMEs be sure to apply to join our next cohort. To apply, simply click on the link below: 

For further details, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

To Learn more and apply: click here