Meet TownshipTech hackathon judges: Carrie Leaver

After much anticipation, we are excited to announce the finalists for the Safety & Security theme of the TownshipTech hackathon and pitch competition:

Congrats to Team OHMS and Team Tech Khaltsha!


Each team has been assigned a coach who will take ownership of their own category (theme) and coaching – so their two teams will compete against each other for the winning pitch.


The Safety & Security teams will be under the coaching leadership of Carrie Leaver from Allan Gray Makers. 


 Carrie believes no career path should be linear and has a diverse professional background. After completing her degree at Stellenbosch University, she studied further to become a qualified high school teacher. Her teaching days brought her to commit to a positive change in South Africa and to constantly strive for growth and creating an impact.


After years of teaching, travelling, more studying, working at NGOs, building safer communities and empowering young South Africans, Carrie discovered the social entrepreneurship movement. Since 2016, Carrie has worked in grass-root entrepreneurship development.


She currently works as a Programme Officer for the AG Makers Programme at the Allan Gray Orbis Philanthropy. In 2018, she co-founded Stoep Startup Coworking Space with a fellow female social entrepreneur. As a small business owner, a passionate South African and a committed change driver, Carrie believes that the magic of growth and self-empowerment lies is starting small, but dreaming big.