Slatecube: The startup upgrading Nigeria’s workforce

Slatecube, which participated in the second cohort of Injini’s incubation programme, is a SaaS-based learning, recruiting, and career development solution powering the up-skilling and integration of entry-level talents into Africa’s workforce.

According to founder and CEO, Chris Kwekowe, the startup came about after he was personally disappointed by the computer science curriculum at his university.

“I had to personally go through the tedious process of building work-relevant skills from a collection of online and offline resources the whole time,” says Chris.

This allowed him the opportunity to be privy of technical requirements for entry-level roles in organisations.

“I had the opportunity to be privy of technical requirements for entry-level roles in organisations and thus attractive to employers. Many students and graduates do not have this opportunity on the other hand.”

Chris’s vision is to solve youth unemployment across developing parts of the world or at the very least drastically reduce it by at least 50% by 2050, and invariably lead the pack in youth up-skilling, career development, and entry-level talent sourcing globally.

He first heard about Injini when he connected with the team on LinkedIn.

He then decided to apply to the incubation programme out of a need to put structure to their processes. He also had an interest in the South African market.

“We built good relationships with the mentors and advisers during the course of the program,” says Chris on working with Injini.

“We also got a better understanding of our product and who we were targeting. We got access to funds for our pre-seed round and have also received support now that we are raising our pretty significant seed round.”

For entrepreneurs looking to find junior talents to help with their initial business and engineering needs, Slatecube offers a limited number of talents for a 4-week internship at no cost to the entrepreneur. If they choose to keep them afterwards, a highly subsidised payment structure will be implemented.

Chris advises other EdTech startups to take a leap and apply for the incubation programme with Injini.

“This is the most structured incubation program for EdTech entrepreneurs you’ll find on the continent. If you dedicate yourself to the program, you should be well on your part towards developing scalable solutions that solve some of the continent’s biggest problems.”

Applications for Injini’s fourth cohort are now open. If you have a technology-driven innovation and are passionate about improving educational outcomes on the continent, apply today, and unlock access to a network of mentors and resources to help you scale. Apply now here:

Fiona Tabraham

Fiona Tabraham is a strategic workforce development expert with a career founded on a resolute commitment to inclusivity, talent nurturing, and societal impact. Chief Executive of CAPACITI Digital Career Accelerator, Fiona’s passion for equity has charted pathways across numerous organisations, guiding bespoke Talent Initiatives, Future Leadership Development Programs, and transformative Career Pathway Development. Her tenure at Network Rail bore inclusive talent strategies, STEM advocacy, and innovative Graduate, Apprentice, and Internship initiatives. A trusted partner to a number of governmental, corporate and impact driven entities, Fiona empowers individuals and organisations, fostering diverse recruitment practices and innovative talent strategies. Fiona’s impact transcends the tech sector, positioning her as a leading voice for inclusive digital career initiatives.