Thuto Information – A digital assessment platform, runner up at the UVU Africa Online Tech Pitch Competition 

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, South African public schools faced numerous challenges, particularly a lack of affordable digital assessment platforms for students. However, in late November 2021, Thuto emerged as a groundbreaking digital assessment platform, aimed at helping students prepare, learn, apply, and assess themselves based on their school-based curriculum. The platform was conceptualized by founders Nkosinathi Temba and Nicholas Wentworth, who recognized the need for a solution that not only addressed academic needs but also focused on recognition and rewards for students.  


Initially, Thuto faced challenges in distinguishing itself from other competitors in the market, such as Extramarks, Siyavula, E-classroom, and JuzKidz. However, through extensive research and analysis, the Thuto team discovered a significant gap in the schooling system with little to no disruption in terms of recognition and rewards for students. Shockingly, statistics revealed that over 80% of students were excluded from school-based recognition and rewards programs, leading to a biased, demotivating, and discriminatory environment. Determined to address this issue, Thuto embarked on a mission to revolutionize the educational system. 


With their newfound insight, the Thuto team came up with a unique point system, which allows any educational institute to provide inclusive structural gamification with real-world benefits. This system ensures that students are recognized and rewarded based on their personal progressive performance, rather than focusing solely on top-performers. The points earned by students can be utilized to access low-cost investments, digital and educational products, thus empowering them to gain valuable resources for their personal development. 


Thuto’s innovation doesn’t stop at academic recognition and rewards. Understanding the importance of financial literacy, the platform also integrates financial education into its programs. Through sponsored short-form content and quizzes, students and their parents are exposed to essential financial knowledge, helping them develop a strong foundation in personal finance. This holistic approach ensures that not only students but also their parents benefit from Thuto’s platform, promoting a comprehensive learning experience. 


Thuto’s dedication and vision led them to participate in the UVU Africa Online Pitch Competition. As the runners-up, they secured a share of R24,000 and a Digital Marketing Toolkit, which has been instrumental in the platform’s MVP launch. The team plans to allocate the R6,000 prize money to remunerate their Dev team, recognizing their hard work and commitment. Additionally, the Marketing Toolkit will assist Thuto in enhancing brand exposure and positioning, further amplifying their impact in the education sector. 

The highly anticipated MVPs launch, launed the 15th of May 2023. This launch served as an open call for schools to register their interest in Thuto’s platform, fostering partnerships with telecommunications companies, investment firms, and other brands. By collaborating with key industry players, Thuto aims to expand its reach and provide even greater value to students and educational institutions throughout South Africa. 


Thuto is poised to revolutionize the way students are recognized, rewarded, and educated in South Africa. By offering a personalized academic recognition and rewards platform, Thuto addresses the pressing need for a fair and inclusive educational environment. Moreover, the integration of financial education ensures that students and their parents acquire crucial financial knowledge, empowering them to make informed decisions. With their unwavering determination, Thuto’s founders and team serve as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs, emphasizing the importance of addressing real-world problems and continuously evolving in the face of feedback and challenges.