Women in Business: TalentCore Consulting

Before she started her business, entrepreneur Faatiemah Lodewyk had been working for 25 years with leaders and talent on one side of her passion and youth and scholars on the other side of her passion.


“With all of what I have gained and experienced, I found it extremely fulfilling to ‘think’ and ‘become’ with others,” shares Faatiemah.


She would receive feedback such as, ‘you should do this for a living’ or ‘some people need more of this’ from friends and family.


“It really got me thinking and in 2013, I incepted TalentCore PTY LTD. TalentCore Consulting is about Thinking Partnership and TalentCore LITE is about a vision for a Career Centre or Hub for youth and scholars.”


She then started her business doing small projects by offering the scarce skills sets that are needed for very specific types of organisation or specific individual needs or challenges.


“We coach and guide youth to step well into their futures. As I became more emerged in my journey, I realized I want to do this! I am still building TalentCore PTY LTD and I believe in us! Hubb in Arabic means ‘love’ and I want TalentCore PTY LTD to be the Hubb when it comes to my clients.”


Faatiemah adds that she is a behavioural scientist and a coach.


“I developed a coaching framework that is fit for the purpose called Absolute Coach Trainer (ACT)where I partner with professional, leaders, youth and the parents of youth, and our partnership is about helping you become professionally fit and career successful. Partner with TalentCORE and you will feel that we are CORE to the team.”


Faatiemah is a proud alumnus of the Women in Business programme.


“Being Tech savvy does not only change how you do business, but it makes you more relevant!” she says.


“I have already encouraged several networks to apply for the next available cohort! This programme provides you with great value on many fronts. From the networks and people you meet and interact with; to the quality of the content and upskilling journey, and to the amazing people who contribute and support this fantastic initiative. ”


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