Women in Business: Two entrepreneurs share their inspiring business journey

The Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative is home to many flagship programmes that foster entrepreneurial development. One of these is the Top Tech Tools for Women in Business, which is presented in partnership with the City of Cape Town. The flagship programme is aimed at helping female entrepreneurs and founders advance their digital competencies, and gain practical skills on how to effectively use tech in their businesses.


We caught up with two entrepreneurs, and former participants of the programme, who shared their business journey with us.  


From informal trader to entrepreneur

Reyhana Isaacs is the founder of food-centred business Reyhana’s Kitchen. 

Women in Business: Two entrepreneurs share their inspiring business journey 1

“I am an entrepreneur and chef who is passionate about the art of cooking and serving wholesome meals. I come from humble beginnings as an informal trader selling boerewors rolls on the roadside to a formally registered outsourced catering services provider.” 


If you require outsourced catering, a cafeteria, a canteen, special events or a school tuck shop, or even need specific nourishment or executive dining – Reyhana’s Kitchen does it all.


“Enjoy tasty treats made with love in Reyhana’s Kitchen!”

Women in Business: Two entrepreneurs share their inspiring business journey 2

The entrepreneur shares she enjoyed the Women in Business programme and the opportunities it presented. 


“I learnt the importance of compliance of my business as well as the legal matters about my industry. I would recommend the programme to other entrepreneurs. Through sharing and communication, I was able to realize my niche market. Prior to the programme I was undervaluing myself and trying to serve everybody.”


Serial and social entrepreneur

Our second entrepreneur, Fatima Khan-Wise, is the founder of The First Lady Chamber


“I consider myself a serial and social entrepreneur. I am passionate about female empowerment and as such, I have founded and run a female entrepreneurship platform, called The First Lady Chamber, that teaches female-run businesses key business skills that lead them to develop a business plan and future strategy for their respective businesses,” says Fatima. 


The founder is also a qualified graphic designer and has assisted companies with building brands, which include corporate identity and web development for startups and the rebranding of already established businesses. 


The business was established in 2017 by Fatima and her sister. 


“With both of us being women in business we faced many challenges, (and still do) and due to the lack of guidance and support, as well as the lack of women representation in leading roles we saw a need for this amongst female-led businesses. It was then that the First Lady Chamber was born.”


The entrepreneur found value in the Women in Business Programme and recommends fellow entrepreneurs to join it. 


“Digital Marketing was a very insightful and practical workshop that I found very valuable and that I am Implementing today. There is no underestimating the power of the women and if we work together what we can achieve.”


“The skills learnt are all very valuable and each workshop can teach someone something! The more you learn the more equipped you will be to handle obstacle in your entrepreneurial journey as well and connecting with other like-minded women, who go through similar struggles.” 

If you are a female founder/CEO and would like to participate in the Women in Business Programme for 2020, apply now.