Young women in tech: Bolekwa Nombola

Growing up in the township of Samora Machel, Philippi, Bolekwa Nombola didn’t always know she would end up pursuing a career in tech.


The CapaCiTi graduate only had her first experience with computers in high school.


“It was just the basics, how to use Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. We also learnt how to use Google to do our school work,” she shares.


When she was not in class, Bolekwa would try to keep her head down, and stay out of trouble.


“It was hard living in the township. We experienced robberies almost every day. House breakings too. You couldn’t go to the shop with your cellphone, and you couldn’t leave your house unlocked. Gangsterism was also rampant, there were kids my age who would fight and kill each other for no reason. To distract myself, I would stay at home, focusing on my studies. Immediately after grade 12, knowing that I wasn’t going to university, I started looking for a job, and started working to earn my own money.”
Her fate changed, when one day, her cousin introduced her to CapaCiTi.


“She told me about CapaCiTi and how it is helping a lot of young people to fulfil their dreams in IT. I applied for their ICT Infrastructure programme and was accepted. I completed the program at the College of Cape Town. We did a lot of short courses and internships that have helped me to be where I am today and I am very grateful for the opportunity that CapaCiTi has given me.”


Studying at CapaCiTi was an exciting experience, Bolekwa adds.


“Studying at Capaciti was so good! The lecturers were very helpful and as students, we used to help each other. We also had a life coach that we met about once a week to talk, that really helped me.”


After she completed her programme at CapaCiTi, Bolekwa was placed at BCX where she is currently working as a service representative. She enjoys working on big projects for important clients.


“BCX is a good company, and I love my work. Service representatives interact with customers on behalf of an organization. We provide information about products and services.

We also take orders, respond to customer complaints and process returns. I have gained experience that could help me in the future. There are always challenges in everything that leads you to a bright future but because CapaCiTi and BCX have always been on my side, I have done everything to achieve my goal.”


With a passion for cooking and reading, Bolekwa shares that her motivation comes from her daughter.


“I wake up every day to do my work knowing that I am doing it for her.”