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Bridging the Digital Divide in Africa


CAPACITI provides a critical development and experiential pathway for young, resourceful South Africans to become fully-fledged digital citizens.

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High touch / high intervention blended learning delivered on site

CapaCiTi 3

2 Fully equipped technical campuses accommodating over 400 candidates

CapaCiTi 4

MICT Seta Centre of Excellence and accredited training provider

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Exceptional audit and M&E track record with funders

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YES implementation partner

CapaCiTi 7

Approved Pearson examination centre at our Cape Town campus

CapaCiTi 8

AWS, Salesforce, IBM, CompTIA and ICDL training partner

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Trusted local and national government partner


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Economic Growth and Enrichment

Helping make the digital economy of South Africa a more inclusive one and creating digital economy jobs.

A Platform for Success and Transformation

Systemic change is propelled by technical education, professional development, and experiential learning.

Continuous Improvement

Empowering people through tried and tested bridging programmes; producing fully equipped, work-ready candidates that will enter a broad scope of tech-related industries.


Empowering digitally marginalised individuals to enter a space previously reserved for a more privileged workforce through partnering.

CapaCiTi Impact

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unemployed youth have been up-skilled and today bring digital, career critical and job-critical skills to the table.

0 +

employment opportunities have been created for South African youth, helping create a more diverse workforce.


R 0 M

Salaries earned by youth for jobs offered post-graduation, enabling socioeconomic mobility and growth opportunities for young people, their families and communities.

R 0 M+

Paid in stipends to enable youth to learn without concern about transport, food, and data costs.


0 %

of candidates are black and coloured youth.

0 %

of candidates are female youth.

Partner with CAPACITI

Want to become a CAPACITI Partner?

You can grow or nurture your digital talent pipeline by partnering with CAPACITI as an employer or funder. 

You will help to build South Africa’s skills pipeline and ensure your organisation is not only contributing to youth employment, but also benefiting from our digital talent offering.

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CAPACITI Youth Development Model

CapaCiTi 13
CapaCiTi 14
My Technical Self (Digital Critical Skills)

Equip candidates for the digital economy through IT skills development linked to market demand.

CapaCiTi 15
My Professional Self (Job Critical Skills)

Equip candidates with job readiness skills to prepare them for the workplace.

CapaCiTi 16
My Future Self (Career Critical Skills)

Equip candidates with future-focused skills to prepare them for building successful careers.

Our Programme Offerings

We offer three main programme streams:

We have a unique combination of people, workplace simulations, information contextualisation and a deep focus on each candidate as a whole that all contribute to forming the future workforce.

CapaCiTi 17

Mass Digitisation

Short courses to address the paucity of digital skills in marginalised communities.

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CapaCiTi 18

Accredited Skills Training

Accredited skills training to address IT skills gap and ensure maximum B-BBEE benefits.

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CapaCiTi 19

CAPACITI Academies

Bespoke training designed in partnership with the client to address their skills gap.

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CapaCiTi 20
FET Certificate: Information Technology: Technical Support

78964 (NQF Level 4)
163 Credits

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CapaCiTi 21
National Certificate: Business Analysis

63909 (NQF Level 6)
163 Credits

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CapaCiTi 22
National Certificate: Information Technology End User Computing​

49077 (NQF Level 3)
130 Credits

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CapaCiTi 23
National Certificate: Systems Development

48872 (NQF Level 5)
131 Credits

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CAPACITI is a powerful force of change because we believe in the potential of every marginalised youth in South Africa. We care deeply about and invest in each person that joins our family.

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