UVU Africa was initially motivated by the work of Michael Porter on cluster theory.

He essentially codified what was happening in Silicon Valley and Northern Italy, explaining how regional economies built vibrant, tight ecosystems – highly integrated spaces between business, government, society and entrepreneurs.

The open innovation clusters were exactly how regional economies were built into global superstars – that is what we want for South Africa and Africa.

By forming Open Innovation Clusters, UVU Africa is able to convene government, business, society and entrepreneurs to increase the productivity of companies in the cluster, driving innovation and stimulating new businesses in the field.

UVU Africa carefully selects industries of the future and support and stimulate them.

Our Strategic Open Innovation Clusters

Using the internet to transform the financial industry and disrupt its biggest players is no longer a trend; it’s a digital revolution.

The CiTi Fintech Open Innovation Cluster gives entrepreneurs access to the facilities, expert advice and introductions to funding that they need to become a part of this revolution.

WorkInProgress is an Absa innovation lab situated in the Woodstock Exchange. WorkInProgress is not only a co-working space with a membership structure with amazing benefits that include an event space but it also facilitates and nurtures collaboration, co-creation and ideation amongst entrepreneurs, start-ups (various stages), innovators, companies, investors and thought leaders with the objective of co-generating and unlocking tech-based solutions. To book a tour and to understand the membership options and benefits please contact WorkInProgress (Absa innovation lab) on cpt@workinprogress.co.za.

Technology has the power to transform education.

With the launch of Africa’s first EdTech Open Innovation Cluster, which has physical space inside the Bandwidth Barn Woodstock, CiTi is positioned to support and encourage start-ups that are looking to impact and change the education system in South Africa and indeed the entire continent.

Companies like HyperionDev, a mentor-led online learning platform for tech skills, Edro Robotics, which offers computer programming for young kids, have set up at the Bandwidth Barn Woodstock and are members of EdTech Open Innovation Cluster.

Other businesses that joined the EdTech cluster includes Siyavula, Uthini, BirdTracks etc.

Injini is the EdTech incubator that provides specialised incubation for African entrepreneurs.

CiTi sees enormous potential in biotechnology as a technology that is able to do good and make a positive impact on people’s lives.

As part of CiTi’s Open Innovation Clusters, we see an opportunity to play a catalytic role in the sector of biotechnology. There has been positive nascent activity in biotech around the continent, but not many of the ideas or products are actually coming to fruition in a commercial sense and from a perspective of being able to take it to market or to scale.

As part of CiTi’s Open Innovation BioTech Cluster, we identified an opportunity to play a catalytic role in the sector by providing specialised Biotech startup incubation and lab space at our Woodstock Bandwidth Barn for biotech entrepreneurs.

CiTi has partnered with OneBio, SAIS, SEDA, Merck and Thermo Fisher.

Tourism is a priority job creation sector for the Western Cape and also a vehicle for sustainable economic growth.

Travel technology has enormous transformative potential and the creation of this Cluster aims to stimulate development and investment that will not only benefit Cape Town but the entire country.

The interest surrounding business analytics, big data and data science in general has transitioned squarely into the mainstream of business decision making worldwide.

And, CiTi’s Data Open Innovation Cluster aims to help government, corporates and SMEs take advantage of this exciting trend by providing knowledge, advice, product management expertise, and skills and capability development to ensure that the Western Cape remains at the forefront of innovation in this cutting edge field.