Here it is! Africa’s first cultivated beef burger unveiled

It looks and tastes like a beef burger, but it was actually created from tiny tissue cells that were harvested from free-roaming cattle. We have the inside scoop on Mzansi’s first cultivated beef burger.


Serious meat lovers might be doing a double take, but a local cultivated meat company has now unveiled Africa’s first cultivated beef burger. Mzansi Meat Co. describes its milestone as a “breakthrough for food security on the continent”.


The burger was prepared at an event in Cape Town earlier this week where co-founders Brett Thompson and Tasneem Karodia, together with head of taste at Mzansi Meat Co., Absie Pantshwa, had a bite alongside James Vos, mayoral committee member for economic growth at the City of Cape Town.


Now that the first burger has been developed, Mzansi Meat Co’s next step is scaling up. That means that consumers might soon be able to buy the cultivated meat at retailers across the country.


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