Programmes 1

Entrepreneurial and Enterprise development provides the following market offerings:

Programmes 2

Entrepreneurship on Demand

This standalone online programme is for the ideation phase or to build and grow entrepreneurs who are looking for further direction and support. It consists of 10 online modules and entrepreneurs can work through the material at their own pace over 10 months. This was launched in response to a demand in the market for a programme for early-stage entrepreneurs who are just beginning their journey.

UVU Accelerate ESD Offering

Our UVU Accelerate ESD offering is our B-BBEE solution package for enterprise and supplier development (ESD) and comprises of various targeted programme offerings, specifically designed to suit the individual needs of our corporate clients. The UVU Accelerate ESD offering focuses on delivering strategic value and an achievable, measurable ROI through creating and further empowering robust entrepreneurs, developing and growing sustainable businesses, supporting, cultivating and promoting women and youth-owned businesses as well as ensuring that our corporate clients receive an impactful return on their ESD spend.

Programmes 3
Programmes 4

Funding Readiness Driver

For businesses looking to grow and scale, funding forms an essential part of the movement to the next growth checkpoint in their journey. Our Funding Readiness Driver, developed in partnership with OCFO, is for businesses looking to expedite their growth trajectory through adequately preparing their businesses to actively engage funding opportunities.

Women In Business

Our Women in Business programme continues to be a flagship programme within UVU Accelerate. Our delivery mechanism remained online Zoom classes, online peer to peer mentorship support and our 10 months continuing education programme. Virtual graduation events have been successful and include guest speakers, a presentation showcasing the amazing women who completed the programme, certificates, and gift packs for each participant. The online 10-month programme remains unchanged, and the mentorship groups have continued as online forums.

Programmes 5