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The City of Cape Town and the Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative (CITI) are partnering on a pilot project targeted at encouraging shifts in behaviour through technology. The City of Cape Town collaborates with CITI to contribute to the development and growth of ICT in Cape Town. The ICT sector is an enabler of a myriad of other sectors, in addition to being identified as  a growth sector with huge potential globally. It contributes significantly to the provision of business opportunities to SMME’s; the competitiveness of Cape Town in regard to being a knowledge economy; promotion of entrepreneurial activity; supporting the development of other sectors through backward and forward linkages as well as attracting creative talent to Cape Town. The ICT sector is strategic in that it contributes to the overall competitiveness of Cape Town through its linkages to financial services industry (and industry in general) in their ability to service local and global companies. The City of Cape Town and CITI supports the ICT ecosystem through the CITI’s Bandwidth Barn that facilitates access to the digital economy by providing training and support programmes to businesses enabling the adoption of efficiencies and opportunities available through software, the internet, and mobile phones.

CITI, through the funding support of the City of Cape Town, has initiated a Civic Tech pilot project that will aim to create a reward for good citizenship with a convertible community currency “CITYCOIN” in the form of data vouchers, food vouchers, transport vouchers, airtime vouchers and electricity vouchers. These vouchers will be utilised to incentivise positive behaviours to promote good citizenship. Good citizenship is when one appropriately fulfils ones role as a citizen. A good citizen has been described as someone who is able to do their share of work necessary, not only in the capacity to serve themselves or their own needs, but also encompassing self-respecting concern for the rights of others.

The survey seeks to elicit responses on whether incentivising positive behaviours could contribute and promote  changes in behaviours; what the targeted demographic consider to be a reward worth changing behaviour for; what behaviours can be influenced; and how the behavioural shift can impact the individual and target groups as a whole.

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