Online Tech entrepreneur pitch competition Top 3 winner announcement

UVU Africa hosted an online tech entrepreneur pitch competition where judges were tasked with selecting the top 3 entries from a pool of over 50 submissions from across South Africa.


We are delighted to recognize creative innovation identified and executed by the youth of our nation.


UVU Africa is pleased to award our top 3 online tech entrepreneurs with cash prizes and look forward to watching their businesses scale whilst taking advantage of the digital marketing toolkit provided.


Thank you to our judges for being a part of UVU Africa’s Online Tech Entrepreneur Pitch Competition:

KK Diaz – CEO & Founder of A-Game Business

Online Tech entrepreneur pitch competition Top 3 winner announcement 1

Lara Rosmarin – Head of Entrepreneurial Development and Incubation at VeloCiTi

Online Tech entrepreneur pitch competition Top 3 winner announcement 2

Quentin Pavitt – Ecosystem Manager at UVU Africa Group

Online Tech entrepreneur pitch competition Top 3 winner announcement 3

The winners are:

3rd Place:

R3000 + Digital Marketing Toolkit

Barz – Ntsako Mgiba

Barz is a consumer mobile app that enables avid podcast/audiobook listeners to capture the best moments of each episode/title into transcribed notes with just their voice. Barz is not an audio streaming platform, but an intelligent listening tool.

While listening to audio content, Barz runs in the background & each time the user says the word “Barz”, the 30s worth of content preceding the command is transcribed and added to a note for that session.

Users can instantly share an individual bar/nugget as a quote or attach an image to the bar and share it as a ‘digital asset’ with their audiences on other social platforms. The sharing of Barz helps content creators virally market their content.


2nd Place:

R6000 + Digital Marketing Toolkit

Thuto – Nkosinathi Themba

Thuto seeks to transform the way students are recognised, rewarded, and taught finance by offering a personalised academic recognition and rewards platform, that focuses on the personal progressive performance of students while integrating financial education into these recognition and reward programs.


1st Place:

R10000 + Digital Marketing Toolkit

Uku’hamba – Sibongile Mongadi

Uku’hamba Prosthetics and Orthotics (Pty) Ltd is 100% black youth- and women owned tech healthcare manufacturing company. Our technology produces high-quality, affordable prosthetics and orthotics for amputees and persons with disabilities. Our Prosthetics, Braces, Splints are custom-made, durable, water-resistant, and low-cost. Though newly incorporated, the company has managed to move from concept through prototype development to production to demonstrate the determination, competence and commitment of the team to the vision of Uku’hamba Prosthetics and Orthotics (Pty) Ltd.


The company operates with a network of experts who possess various expertise necessary for the success of Uku’hamba Prosthetics and Orthotics (Pty) Ltd like excellent customer service that is aimed at delighting the amputees with the vast experience and competencies, great work ethic and high quality and excellence the bio-manufacturing and tech healthcare industries. Although the company is based in Gauteng the reliance of digital technology allows it to service clients across the country and continent.


Mission To provide custom-made, water-resistant, low-cost and high-quality prosthetics, splints and braces, efficiently while promoting an improvement of quality of life to our customers and superior functionality in our products.


Values • Excellence • Innovation • Integrity & Honesty • Collaboration • Customer Satisfaction


UVU Africa strives to drive inclusive growth within the Ecosystem through business incubation, skills development and open innovation from Khayelitsha to Kigali.