BioCiTi: SK Botanicals pushing boundaries in skin care

Before the advent of the coronavirus, we already saw the rise of the wellness-conscious consumer and a global movement towards a greener lifestyle.  


Since the outbreak of the pandemic, many people have become more conscious about their health, the food they eat and what they and their families apply to the skin.  


While they adhere to lockdown regulations and mask-wearing, they care less about wearing a full face of makeup and more about safer and effective ways to ensure their wellness. Confined to their homes, they’re busily researching ingredients with antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties with the hope of deflecting germs and strengthening and protecting their skin and body. 


“Consumers are now clearly making considered conscious choices,” shares Shanaas Kannemeyer, the founder and CEO of SK Botanicals. “They are becoming more knowledgeable about the benefits of botanical ingredients and more concerned about possible irritations and the potential health risk caused by harmful ingredients in fragrances, colourants and preservatives.” 


SK Botanicals aims to help improve skin health and promote healthy skin ageing.  

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“We scientifically develop and GMP manufacture multifunctional botanical skincare products, catering to the busy urban living wellness-conscious consumer seeking safe high-performance skincare to suit their healthy eco-ethical lifestyle.” 


Shanaas brings nearly 14 years of expertise from the health and wellness industry where she completed many CPD accredited courses in botanical medicine and disease. It was here she was involved with the sales and scientific research of complementary medicine.  


“I learned that what goes on your body, generally goes into your body. Your skin is not a raincoat. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and biologically the first line of defence from the outside world,” says Shanaas.   


“I was inspired to create new and innovative skincare to suit the busy lifestyle of the wellness-conscious consumer. At the same time, my sister was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer and had to undergo surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Her skin barrier was severely damaged due to the radiotherapy and no aftercare product was recommended to help heal her damaged skin. This inspired me even more to create safe and effective multifunctional skincare focussed around wellness. I founded SK Botanicals, based on the foundation of where nature meets science.” 

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She adds that the company’s main focus is to establish SK Botanicals as a trusted brand locally and internationally.  


“We want to break into the new markets within and beyond South Africa., as well as continue to develop and manufacture a unique range of niche & innovative products. We want to become the preferred skincare supplier catering to men & women 25+ seeking high-performance skincare to suit their wellness-conscious lifestyle,” shares Shanaas. 


“My business model is focussed around developing; manufacturing and exporting high quality halal certified botanical products – B2B.,” she says, adding that she is currently establishing distribution in international markets: Serbia, Russia and Canada. 


“I want to show the rest of the world that South Africa can deliver new innovative products that are of high quality and comply with the international regulations of safety, quality and efficacy.” 


The founder shares she finds utilising the BioCiTi lab beneficial for her business.  


“We get to create new innovative products focussing on improving and maintaining health and skin health in the wellness industry with the support of biotech mentors and peers.” 


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Fiona Tabraham

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