Call for Female Entrepreneurs: Join the next Women in Business Cohort

Are you a female entrepreneur looking to take your business to new heights? Do you want to harness the power of technology to drive growth and sustainability? Look no further – the UVU Accelerate Women in Business Programme is here to empower and equip you for success, at no cost to you!  

Having a digitally enabled business is a necessity. We understand the importance of investing your time and effort in activities that will steer your entrepreneurial journey towards sustainability and growth. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce you to our fully funded Women in Business Programme. Our upcoming October cohort is brought to you by UVU Africa, UVU Accelerate and the City of Cape Town.  

The Women in Business programme is designed for visionary female entrepreneurs who are ready to scale their business. Women are playing an instrumental role in restimulating the South African economy, and we believe that we have a part to play in enabling female-owned businesses to becoming a sustainable contributor to the business landscape. With the support of the City of Cape Town, we offer you an exciting and creative environment to explore and leverage the latest technology resources as well as tap into our expert mentors who are ready to help you on this development journey  

What you will gain during this programme:  

Comprehensive Learning: Access knowledge and insights from seasoned facilitators and mentors who are experts in their fields.  

Efficiency and Growth: Implement technology products and services to streamline your processes, promote growth, and enhance sustainability.  

Peer-to-Peer Collaboration: Engage in interactive sessions designed for peer knowledge sharing, testing, and applying business strategies.  

Personal and Business Development: Strengthen your entrepreneurial abilities while mastering critical business skills.  

Flexible Online Engagement: The programme has been adapted for exclusive online participation, making it accessible from anywhere and easy to fit into your busy schedule.  

Additional Online Learning: Enjoy extra online resources to deepen your understanding and skills.  

Monthly Mentorship Sessions: Receive expert guidance during face-to-face community mentorship sessions to navigate every stage of business development.  

By joining our Women in Business Programme, you’re investing in yourself and your venture. We believe that each female entrepreneur has the potential to make a positive impact and drive economic success. With the support of UVU Africa and City of Cape Town, we’re excited to bring this opportunity to 60 female business owners within the Cape Town region.  

Ready to Take the Next Step?  

Recruitment for our October 2023 cohort is currently open. We have a selection criteria and applicants must meet the requirements below to be considered for this programme. Suitable candidates are encouraged to apply via our intake form here: 


  • Be between the ages of 21 years and up
  • Be a female   
  • Reside in Cape Town  
  • Be engaged in a full-time in business  
  • Able to read, write, speak, and listen to the programme in English.   
  • Attendance every lesson of the programme.  
  • Have access to a live camera during online workshops (live sessions via Zoom)   
  • MUST not be part of any other incubation / acceleration programme   
  • MUST have computer skills, own device, data, and reliable/stable internet connection.   
  • Comfortable with remote teamwork, collaboration and using digital tools.   
  • Compliant in terms of documentation: CIPC, BBBEE, certified copy of ID (not older than 3 months), Valid Sars Tax Pin clearance document   
  • Completion surveys, feedback forms, assessments if / when required and online platform modules to be completed  


Standard documentation requirements:  

  • CIPC Registration Document   
  • Certified copy of ID (not older than 3 months)   
  • BEEE Certificate or Affidavit   
  • Business Profile   


Additional requirement:  

  • Valid Sars Tax Pin clearance document   


 What will I gain at the end of this programme:  

  • Each of the formal training programmes within the Micro Enterprise Development and Acceleration tier includes learning material and a curriculum focus that builds resilience and the skills to self-learn, the cohorts are also connected to each other to share learnings, hardships and build a camaraderie that is proven to improve success rates amongst entrepreneurs.   
  • Better able to compete in the digital economy: Leverage tools which help grow their businesses and can differentiate offerings through digital channels.   
  • Increased consumption of tech products and bandwidth, benefiting the broader IT industry.   
  • Key entrepreneurial skills needed to build and grow businesses.   
  • Increased ability for knowledge transfer.    


For more information email  to apply, fill our intake form here: