CapaCiTi graduate has created a #DataFree video conferencing system

CapaCiTi Digital Career Accelerator is the skills development division of CiTi. CapaCiTi’ s vision is to enable inclusive growth of the digital economy by ensuring a supply pipeline of future-fit, skilled employees with relevant digital skills matched to industry demand. This is done through innovative training and experiential learning programmes that focus on both technical and professional development. CapaCiTi brings together expertise, technology and resources from industry, academia, government, and impact funders to develop young South African talent with in-demand skills, giving them a foundation for successful and fulfilling careers.


Over the years, CapaCiTi has proudly produced candidates that have gone on to have illustrious digital careers. One shining example is alumnus Lebogang Maloisane. In 2019, Lebogang joined the CapaCiTi family when he studied the CCNA Security & Cisco CCENT Programme. He states that the programme was good and offered him great insights into the power of networking. Lebogang is the founder of SoftMeet, a video conferencing system that is taking the video conferencing market by storm. The web-based video conferencing tool with a mobile app allows its users to meet online with or without video. Users can record their meeting sessions, share screens and work on projects together. Users can also stream them on different social media platforms, all with one user-friendly platform. SoftMeet offers high-quality HD video, audio, and wireless screen sharing performance. It is supported by multiple OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS, Android and many more. ​


Lebogang proudly states that “As a former student of CapaCiTi, I looked at the job trend in South Africa. After realising how many jobs were being lost, I decided to develop a video conferencing system to compete with other giant systems in the world such as Zoom. The system is now in over 30 countries across Africa. We have just what your business needs. The ability to connect in multiple rooms, wireless connectivity and conferencing technology at your fingertips”.


The young founder also goes on to add that SoftMeet is a solution to the ever-popular distance learning brought on by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. “The pandemic has exposed us as a country and continent to the fact that we are far behind when it relates to the fourth Industrial Revolution, and we find ourselves forced to rely on help from worlds beyond our borders. Therefore, at SoftMeet, we are delighted to interest you in our more convenient innovation. As we try to break the hold of the western world on the African economy, my team and I gave life to SoftMeet; an easy-to-use interface that allows users to communicate through text chat, voice calls, video calls and online meetings. You can use Softmeet from nearly any personal computer or mobile device, anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access”.


Lebogang, who is also a Master’s student, has always thought outside the box to come up with creative solutions to everyday problems. Before his entrepreneurial journey, he was just a dreamer growing up in a town called Klerksdorp or Matlosana city in the North-West Province. He had a happy childhood and parents that supported his love for computers through education. After completing his matric at Klerksdorp Secondary School, he went on to North-West University for a BCom in Information Systems, a programme he’s yet to complete. He then went to Vuselela and did his A+ and N+ followed by an International Diploma in Information Technology Management with Alison Schools. He then completed his Postgraduate Diploma with Universidad Catolica De Murcia (UCAM), Spain. Currently, Lebogang is completing his Master’s Degree with Universidad Catolica De Murcia (UCAM), Spain.


The idea of SoftMeet came to Lebogang as he was doing his Post-graduate Diploma, and he realized that he could learn from anywhere around the world, so the idea was to implement remote learning or remote communication at an affordable price. Today SoftMeet has over 200 subscribers on the system in over 30 countries in Africa.


To learn more about SoftMeet, contact Lebogang Maloisane.


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