CapaCiTi offers to cancel graduates’ loans in new #LoanFree initiative

In a bid to ease the difficulties faced by graduates in the harsh job market, CapaCiTi announces their offer to immediately cancel the contingent student loans currently held by its 2018, 2019 and 2020 cohorts.


The Digital Career Accelerator recognises that companies around the world are struggling to navigate the ongoing pandemic. Certain industries have shut down. Those that are operating are doing so at limited capacity and have put a hiring freeze in place. Other businesses have suffered a significant financial impact and can’t afford to grow their workforce as intended.


CapaCiTi understands that this has impacted CapaCiTi graduates and their ability to meet their financial obligations.


“We remain committed to supporting our candidates in their digital career journey. By offering to cancel the funding conditionally loaned by CapaCiTi, graduates are empowered to be the best version of themselves – skilled and marketable work-ready graduates without any financial obligations,” says CapaCiTi Chief Executive Fiona Tabraham.


To qualify for this cancellation, and to receive the relevant loan cancellation documents, it’s necessary for the candidates to update their personal information and employment particulars in the below form and provide all supporting documents listed in the cancellation agreement as soon as possible.


“Our stakeholders still require us to track your progress and any work you undertake post completion of your training, so please provide as much detail as possible.”


CapaCiTi will feed this data into its community platform, which will be a great space for all cohorts to re-connect, network within the tech ecosystem, and have access to potential job opportunities. CapaCiTi remains committed to finding meaningful work opportunities for all of our Graduates in the Digital Economy.


Become #LoanFree today and secure your place in a digital future.


CapaCiTi Digital Career Accelerator is a non-profit organisation that seeks to build and provide a future-fit digital workforce with critical skills matched to industry demand.


If, as an alumni, you would like to donate or contribute to help fund future students, or are able to offer an employment opportunity to a CapaCiTi graduate, please email Fiona Tabraham at