CapaCiTi Prioritizing Mental Health at Johannesburg Campus

In today’s fast-paced world, where stress and pressure often dominate our lives, it’s crucial to prioritize our mental health. At CapaCiTi, we believe in creating a supportive environment that encourages well-being and open conversations, we recently celebrated Mental Health Awareness week, dedicated to raising awareness, reducing stigma, and promoting self-care.


During Mental Health Awareness Week, the JHB Campus embarked on a unique initiative that allowed candidates to express their emotions through clothing. Following a colour-guideline, candidates selected outfits that reflected their moods for the day. This activity not only encouraged self-expression but also initiated dialogues about mental health by openly acknowledging and discussing our emotions. CapaCiTi creates a safe space for everyone to seek support and understanding.


CapaCiTi’s commitment to caring for the mental well-being of its students is evident in the emphasis placed on creating an inclusive and supportive environment. The initiative to dress according to emotions encourages individuals to express themselves authentically, providing a sense of acceptance and empathy among peers. By actively promoting emotional well-being, CapaCiTi empowers its students to prioritize their mental health as an integral part of their learning journey.


On Friday, 9th June 2023, we hosted a Fun Day. This vibrant and energetic gathering brought CapaCiTi candidates and staff together to enjoy a variety of activities designed to promote bonding, stress relief, and positive mental well-being.


The Fun Day provided an opportunity for candidates and staff to connect on a deeper level, through team-building games, lively dances, and empowering war cries. CapaCiTi created an atmosphere that encouraged collaboration, friendship, and support.


Candidates often find themselves juggling numerous responsibilities, including assessments, practical activities, and personal commitments, with the responsibilities and we recognise the impact that learning stress can have on their mental well-being therefore we actively support candidates finding a healthy balance.


CapaCiTi’s commitment to caring for its students’ mental health extends beyond Mental Health Awareness Week. The events and activities during this week are just a glimpse into CapaCiTi’s ongoing efforts to create a supportive community. We encourage open discussions, reducing the stigma associated with seeking help. Thereby creating a community that supports and uplifts one another.


Our dedication to prioritizing mental health and well-being is evident through our commitment to creating a supportive environment, organizing engaging events, and providing valuable resources to nature a culture of care.

Here are some images of the event:

CapaCiTi Prioritizing Mental Health at Johannesburg Campus 1 CapaCiTi Prioritizing Mental Health at Johannesburg Campus 2 CapaCiTi Prioritizing Mental Health at Johannesburg Campus 3 CapaCiTi Prioritizing Mental Health at Johannesburg Campus 4 CapaCiTi Prioritizing Mental Health at Johannesburg Campus 5

Fiona Tabraham

Fiona Tabraham is a strategic workforce development expert with a career founded on a resolute commitment to inclusivity, talent nurturing, and societal impact. Chief Executive of CAPACITI Digital Career Accelerator, Fiona’s passion for equity has charted pathways across numerous organisations, guiding bespoke Talent Initiatives, Future Leadership Development Programs, and transformative Career Pathway Development. Her tenure at Network Rail bore inclusive talent strategies, STEM advocacy, and innovative Graduate, Apprentice, and Internship initiatives. A trusted partner to a number of governmental, corporate and impact driven entities, Fiona empowers individuals and organisations, fostering diverse recruitment practices and innovative talent strategies. Fiona’s impact transcends the tech sector, positioning her as a leading voice for inclusive digital career initiatives.