CiTi wants to give you a headstart in 2022 with a free Google Ads Campaign!

We at CiTi understand that the beginning of a new year means new goals and deliverables! There is always an urgency to push sales so you can start the new year with full momentum. That is why we’ve partnered with Adbot to offer you the support that will not only help you get more people to your website but will give you a head start from your competitors in January 2022.


What does Adbot do?


Every time someone searches for a product or service using Google, there is an opportunity for them to see what your business has to offer. If you’re not on Google search, that’s a whole lot of missed customers and potential opportunities! The challenge is, trying to do your own Google search advertising is complicated and time-consuming. That’s where Adbot comes in!


You don’t need to learn how to do it yourself or bribe a friend to do it for you. At Adbot, they will do all your Google search advertising for you! From opening your Google Ads account to managing your campaigns monthly – they do it all! Adbot uses machine learning to optimise your keywords, ad copy and bidding 24/7. That means that businesses who have signed up with them are ranking 100% better than their competitors who haven’t.


This month only CiTi and Adbot are offering businesses a FREE Google Ads campaign to the value of R1000!!!



This is how you apply:


Step 1: 

Click on this link  ➡ 


Step 2: 

Add your email and mobile number.


Step 3: 

Verify your email address by clicking on the email sent from Adbot.


Step 4: 

Complete your ads and company details.


CiTi wants to give you a headstart in 2022 with a free Google Ads Campaign! 1


You need to act fast because only the first 1 000 businesses will be eligible for the free Google Search Ad campaign!



The campaign will be implemented through the Adbot platform. This is a self-service portal and there is no legal obligation for the Adbot team to offer customer support.



The terms of the competition and the platform is outlined in the Terms of Service page on the Adbot website (



Only one offer can be applied at a time. Only one offer per entrepreneur.



Set your business apart and reach all your target audiences for 2022. Apply now!