Female Founders in South Africa are gaining the necessary top tech tools for their businesses through CiTi’s Women in Business programme.

CiTi believes that entrepreneurs must invest their time, effort and energy into business activities that will ensure sustainability and a move toward their new growth checkpoints in their entrepreneurial journey. A digitally enabled business can navigate challenges and opportunities in a streamlined and more efficient manner. As part of the select group of women business owners that form the core of our fully funded Women in Business Programme, female founders are given the opportunity to invest their time and effort in knowledge and skills that will enable both business and personal growth trajectories.


The programme aims to create an empowering atmosphere for women who are eager to infuse technology into their businesses. The programme boasts a supportive and creative environment that exposes female entrepreneurs to the latest available technology resources to improve and grow their businesses.


Our Women in Business programme continues to be a flagship programme and the delivery mechanism remains to be online Zoom classes, online peer to peer mentorship support and our 10 months continuing education programme. Virtual graduation events have been successful and include guest speakers, a presentation highlighting the amazing women who completed the programme, certificates, and gift packs for each participant. The online 10-month programme remains unchanged, and the mentorship groups have continued as online forums.


We have had a plethora of female founder’s graduate from our cohorts and their stories on how this programme has benefitted them and their businesses are enlightening and empowering. We asked a few of our alumni to share their experience and growth with us, and this is what they had to say.


Petra Pillay who is the MD of PGF Business Solutions, says she started her own business when she realized that she wanted to spend less time stuck in traffic and more time being with her family. She then decided to join our Women In Business programme and this experience was informative and empowering for her. She says, “It was very informative and empowering as I could implement different tools into my business”.


Reyhana Isaacs on the other hand who is an entrepreneur and chef with a passion for cooking stated that being a part of the programme taught her the importance of compliance when it comes to her business as well as the legal matters that pertain to the industry, she is in.


“This programme is presented by a group of dynamic and diverse experts in their fields, it is a must for improving or maintaining SMME’s and entrepreneurs and thus the adding to the success of the economy of individuals, communities and the country” states Patricia Manshon who is the founder and managing director of Academy of Life Coaching.


Applications are now open for the next Women in Business cohort. We look forward to welcoming you into our network of powerful, connected and digitally equipped female entrepreneurs. Apply below.



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  • Reyhana’s Kitchen – https://reyhanaskitchen.netlify.app/ | FB: @Reyhanas Kitchen | Instagram: reyhanaskitchen Twitter: @reyhanaskitchen Linkedin: Reyhana’s Kitchen
  • Academy of Life Coaching – Facebook: @ALcoaching| Instagram: alc_wc | Website: www.alcoaching.co.za