Injini is partnering with the International Business and Economic Forum to host the Digital Learning Summit Africa 2022.

As digital learning is rapidly growing around the world, there is a need for upgrading and mass outreach of education technology to support teachers, schools, students, and parents for greater access to education and impact from learning.


Injini is motivated by its primary purpose of improving educational outcomes in sub-Saharan Africa. This is done by supporting key stakeholders to increase the quality, access, and relevance of education throughout the region. The Digital Learning Africa Summit will provide a platform for all EdTech companies to meet educational institutions that are developing their digital learning capabilities. This will offer these companies solutions to challenges they are facing and explore current trends and future demand for education technology in the region.


Africa currently has a population of 226 million youths under the age of 24, making up 20% of the continent’s population. Education has been a major focus for every country and remains a key challenge for many in the region. The summit is going to offer new perspectives on pertinent issues in the education sector of Africa.


You can read the IBEForuM press release on the Digital Learning Summit Africa here.


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