Recognising the Female Entrepreneurs from CiTi’s Youth in Business Programme

CiTi’s Youth in Business programme, hosted by the Khayelitsha Bandwidth Barn,  is home to some of the most passionate and creative entrepreneurs in Cape Town. This Women’s Month, we bring you the stories of young female entrepreneurs who are taking the business industry by storm. Here are their inspiring stories.


Mandy Mnyanda On Juggling Motherhood and Business

Being a woman in business has its challenges. One of them is juggling motherhood with a full-time job. After suffering from burnout and relying on anxiety medication for three months Mandy Mnyanda resigned from her job in the events and promotions industry and started Creatingly (Pty) Ltd.

Creatingly (Pty) Ltd is a marketing and events company that specializes in brand activations. The business was born when Mandy was still working in the industry and struggling to balance work and motherhood. She worked long hours, which meant that she wasn’t spending much time with her kids.

Ever since starting her own business Mandy has had an incredible journey as she empowers the youth of disadvantaged communities. “We embark on different projects to help the youth utilize opportunities available in becoming entrepreneurs and teaching them skills on how to start and manage a business. We conduct a series of workshops for ideation and early-stage youth entrepreneurs.”

Recognising the Female Entrepreneurs from CiTi’s Youth in Business Programme 1


Abulele Ndevu: Women Can Do Construction Too

When thinking about construction and plumbing, a 23-year old woman is hardly the image that comes to mind. Abulele Ndevu, a female entrepreneur, is not only a qualified artisan in the plumbing trade but also the founder of Azosule Construction, which is a company that specialises in plumbing and construction.

Ndevu started the business in 2019 as a way of inspiring other young women. “I wanted to show that women are as good as men,” says the young founder. She also believes that being a woman in this industry will bring some trust to the trade, as many women will find it hard to trust a strange male plumber in their homes.

Ndevu is especially passionate about empowering the girl child. In fact, she plans to use 10% of her profits to provide sanitary pads to young girls in need. She would also like to do holiday programs and support children from child-headed homes. But above all, she hopes that her passions will lead to the birth of another organisation.

Recognising the Female Entrepreneurs from CiTi’s Youth in Business Programme 2


Semakaleng Mogoboa: Yes, Creativity Can Pay the Bills

People tend to believe that being creative isn’t a “real job”. However, Semakaleng Mogoboa proves that creativity absolutely can pay the bills.

South A Films is a group of young people that are working together to create beautiful content. The company was founded by Semakaleng Mogoboa, a well-rounded and respected film director and editor based in Cape Town, back in 2013 as a way of pursuing her love for film, storytelling, and creativity. Today, the company creates visual and audio advertising content for corporate institutions and private clients all over the world.

Mogoboa has faced many challenges over the years. Regardless, one of her highlights is the educational opportunities that she has received from the CiTi’s Youth in Business programme. “It has helped me create a better brand and become a better entrepreneur.” She also describes the Youth in Business journey as “amazing”. This is a sentiment that all the above entrepreneurs share.

Recognising the Female Entrepreneurs from CiTi’s Youth in Business Programme 3