Women in Business: BaileyZA Exclusive Tours & Travels

Entrepreneur Lizelle Bailey has always loved tourism but life initially sent her down a different path. 


“Growing up in the tail end of apartheid, I didn’t get to enjoy my city and my country as a kid. I also hated the fact that my livelihood depended on someone else. That conditioned me to perform a certain way in order to receive remuneration. I was always fiercely independent but always took the ‘safe’ path. I realised that I was not living, only existing,” shares Lizelle. 


 Then, Lizelle realised that running and running her own business would be the daily challenge she desired. 


 “I love challenges. And then there was obviously the fact that I could make my own money and that I could offer employment opportunities to others as well.”


That’s how BaileyZA Exclusive Tours & Travels was born. 


“We are inbound tours and travel company. We conduct tours in and around the Western Cape. We have 5 vehicles in our fleet ranging from a luxury sedan to 22seater bus. We offer tour packages for the individual traveller as well as small group tours. As an add-on, we also hire our vehicles for fellow tourist guides and small tour operators who don’t have their vehicles.”

Women in Business: BaileyZA Exclusive Tours & Travels 1

Situated in Kuilsriver, the company also services a few adventure companies with transport such as Mother City Skydiving, SA Forest Adventures & Ivanhoe Sea Safaris. 


The business owner is also a Women in Business alumni and found the programme valuable. 


“Two key things that stood out for me was Building your Brand and Work-Life Balance. I had many Aha moments in these sessions that I was able to implement in my life and my business.”


She adds that she would recommend the programme to fellow entrepreneurs looking to grow or scale their business with technology tools. 


“This program teaches you so much that you can look at your business from all angles, from tech tools to brand building to finances. It helps you to focus on what is important and what is not. It manages to give you an overview of what your business looks like and where it can take you once you have learnt and implemented the tools on the program.” 


If you are a female founder/CEO and would like to participate in the Women in Business Programme for 2021, apply now

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