Young women in tech: Potego Segage


On the outskirts of Polokwane, there is a sprawling township called Turfloop. It was here that CapaCiTi graduate Potego Segage grew up.


“No, I did not grow up with the Skeem Saam cast and I have never met them,” jokes Potego, referring to the hit youth drama set in the same township.


“It’s a good and safe neighbourhood. Not much crime. A university is at the centre of the township so we grew up watching university students walk around the shops and you couldn’t help but be inspired to be just as educated.”


It was around her childhood that Potego developed a passion for computers.


“I got my first Microsoft Office lesson during my grade 6 winter holidays when they asked for volunteers. I did not know much about computers but I volunteered anyway. When I got to high school, I got enrolled in a program at the university where students taught high school kids math and science. After each lesson, I snuck into their computer library and went through all the computers to find one that a student left without logging out. Because of little to no mentorship in computers and not knowing the power and potential of computers, I used up all the time searching for lyrics and doing only some of my homework. And I have been falling in love with computers every day since.”


After high school, a determined Potego decided to pursue her love for computers by studying Computer Science at the University of Limpopo, a degree she is in the process of completing.


Her journey with CapaCiTi began when a friend sent her a link to a programme the Digital Career Accelerator was recruiting for, and asked her to apply.


“It was a data science programme with the option to study things like FinTech and cyber security. I chose cyber security.


“I applied on the closing date and got a response soon after.”


After completing the data science programme at CapaCiTi, Potego was placed at BCX to complete her in-company training in the network security field.


Now,  the hardworking graduate recently got a position as an IT Security Engineer in the cybersecurity division at BCX.


“I know how to go after what I want and will exhaust all my means before admitting I cannot have it. I love hackathons and meeting with other IT professionals for inspiration,” said Potego, who adds that BCX is a wonderful environment to work in, and she’s been the happiest thus far in her career journey.


The future looks bright for Potego, who shares her motivation comes from her son and the possibility of being great in her career.


“I have finally enrolled for the Certified Ethical Hacker certificate, yay! After months of saving for it. I’m planning to write the exam soon. Passing it will mean a lot for my career journey.”