Youth in Business: Azosule Construction

When one thinks of a plumber or construction worker, the picture of a man in work suit often comes to mind.

However, at just twenty-three years old, Abulele Ndevu is challenging this common perception.

The female entrepreneur is the founder of Azosule Construction, a company that provides both plumbing and construction services, specialising on the former.

A qualified artisan in the plumbing trade, Abulele started the business in 2019 as a way to inspire “other young women like me”.

“I believe in inspiring people. I wanted to show that women are as good as men,” says the young founder.

“It was also to bring trust to the trade since many don’t find it safe to allow a strange male plumber into your home.”

Abulele is so passionate about her field, that she considers the day she qualified as a plumber one of her highlights since she started her company.

Youth in Business: Azosule Construction 1
Also passionate about empowering the girl child, she plans to use 10 % of her profits to donate sanitary pads to help young girls who are in need.

“I’d like to do holiday programs and also support kids coming from child-headed homes.”

She hopes her passions will lead to the birth of another organisation.

At the moment the COVID-19 pandemic has put a damper on her plans as she has been unable to perform her work while on lockdown.

“The other challenge I have faced has been the lack of tools, which is still a challenge.”

Abulele says she is grateful for the skills she has acquired on the Youth in Business programme.

“Youth in business has shown me how to use online platforms to market my business. I also learned how to do a 60 seconds elevator pitch, how to manage my finances and also the importance of collaboration.

“I want to say thank you to Youth in Business for this opportunity because it’s rare to find such opportunities in the township. This opportunity allowed us, young entrepreneurs, to meet and also share opportunities amongst ourselves.”