BioCiTi Labs is proud to announce that one of our incubatees, Biotikum, has been nominated as a Falling Walls Venture Finalist.

The Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative in partnership with BioCiTi would like to congratulate Biotikum for being nominated as a Falling Walls Venture finalist. Falling Walls Venture is a global platform for the most promising science start-ups nominated by academic institutions from across the world. The format provides a stage for pioneering founders who have successfully turned science into business, proving how entrepreneurial solutions can help solve today’s most pressing challenges.


Every year, emerging companies compete across various industry clusters around the world for the prestigious title of Science Start-Up Breakthrough of the Year. Biotikum was nominated for these awards by someone who believes in the company’s great potential. They then had to submit a video describing the company’s endeavours and indicate which wall they were breaking. This video detailed how Biotikum is breaking the wall of unsustainable farming practices in South Africa.


Dr Neveling, the CEO and Founder of Biotikum states that “Biotikum is honoured to be announced as a finalist for the Falling Walls Venture competition. The foundation has provided Biotikum with a platform to be exposed to the international community. Biotikum currently operates in South Africa, and we plan to diversify our presence in other countries in the near future. It feels great knowing that the foundation recognises our endeavours to bring about change in the agricultural industry, namely, to promote sustainable farming practices. The road of entrepreneurship is sometimes a very difficult lonely path to take and receiving recognition from such competitions makes the road a little bit easier to walk”.


Biotikum is one of the incubatees at BioCiTi Labs. BioCiTi will be hosting a virtual showcase featuring our new, upgraded lab facility at The Woodstock Bandwidth Barn on the 24th of August at 11 AM. Please join the “who’s who” of the Biotech ecosystem by registering for the Bio Africa Digital Convention via this link.


To learn more about Biotikum’s work or to collaborate, contact Dr Neveling.