UVU Bio Executive Director, Dheepak Maharajh chats to Kyeezi from Good Hope FM on ‘The Great Drive’

Executive Director of UVU Bio, Dheepak Maharajh joined Good Hope FM’s ‘The Great Drive’ with Kyeezi, to discuss UVU Bio and the Bioprocess Skills Accelerator Programme.


Good Hope FM’s is a youth radio station based in Cape Town and it is important raise awareness about the potential of biotech and the opportunities available for young people to develop skills in this growing field.


The interview took place live on-air on 17 April 2023 at 16:10 where Dr. Maharajh shared an overview of UVU Bio, which is Africa’s first and only open access laboratory. During the interview, he discussed the importance of developing skills in the field of bioprocessing and how this can contribute to the growth of the biotech economy in South Africa.


“We see UVU Bio as being a key provider for the pipeline of technically capable skilled youth that is going to be needed by the growing biotech sector over the next 5 – 20 years” – Dheepak Maharajh, Executive Director UVU Bio.


Dr. Maharajh discussed the details of the Bioprocess Skills Accelerator programme and how it can benefit young people who are interested in pursuing careers in the field of biotech.


Good Hope FM is Cape Town’s original radio station and UVU Africa is Africa’s original Tech incubator.


To find out more about the Bioprocess Skills Accelerator programme, click here.


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