How BioCiTi’s incubatees are changing skincare and cosmetics, organically!

The organic skincare market has grown to exponential heights over the years, with more and more people exploring products with no chemicals and what is known as “clean labels”. Research has shown that ever since the beginning of the pandemic, consumers are using their discernment more when it comes to making purchases, even more, that they are interested in products that will make them feel good while also not harming the environment (Femina, 2021). BioCiTi incubatees, Proskin Cosmetics and African Secrets are two Startups in the South African Biotechnology industry that are exploring the use of organic products in skincare and cosmetics.


BioCiTi, established by CiTi in 2019, is a specialised biotech incubator that provides African entrepreneurs with a platform where science, business and investment can come together. At BioCiTi, we help to produce industries of the future in South Africa and Africa, by creating a bridge between research and commercialisation of ideas based on the application of technology to broad biological sciences.


CiTi sees enormous potential in biotechnology as a technology that can do good and make a positive impact on people’s lives. There has been positive nascent activity in biotech around the African continent, but not many of the ideas or products are coming to fruition in a commercial sense and from a perspective of being able to take it to market or to scale. BioCiTi, established by CiTi in 2019, is a specialised biotech incubator that provides African entrepreneurs with a platform where science, business and investment can come together.


Proskin Cosmetics was founded in 2017 and African Secrets in 2018. Proskin Cosmetics tests and manufactures affordable skincare products while African Secrets scientifically test extracts from indigenous botanicals to prove their efficacy for use in our locally manufactured cosmetics. Through their work, they are able to explore the use of organically grown South African ingredients that can enhance skincare and cosmetics in a way that is not damaging to our environment.


These Startups are exploring an ever-growing market that is interested in everything clean and green. Every Startup faces challenges that require concerted efforts to sort through. Both Startup’s state that it is often difficult to gain the necessary support in South Africa to take your business to new heights. This is due to lack of funding, limited resources, supply issues and lack of strategic collaboration.


“Your reputation is everything. Respect all things. What you put out there comes back to you. You’re never too old to learn or start something new”

– Stacey Jane Smith, Founder of African Secrets.


Despite these challenges, both companies are steered by people who are certain that there is nothing else they should be doing, this is their calling. When asked what a headline on Forbes Magazine about them would read 10 years from now, Proskin Cosmetics said, “Proskin has now a net worth of over $500 million” and African Secrets said, “South African female entrepreneur, Stacey Jane Smith, takes South African indigenous plants to new heights with innovative products”.


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BioCiTi is currently offering a corporate membership model and this membership is structured to garner support from corporate SA to aid in the growth of a new economic sector, however, BioCiTi has added some benefits that can be of value to your businesses.

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