TownshipTech Pitch Competition: Join us for an exciting battle

The TownshipTech hackathon introduced us to some bright and passionate innovators with creative solutions to everyday problems affecting our townships. 


After a fierce round of competition, 6 finalists made up of technologists, entrepreneurs or innovators have been named and are set to compete in a pitch competition, on 10 March 2021 at 10 am. 


The exciting battle will take place as a hybrid event, and will be live-streamed from the Woodstock Bandwidth Barn on the Khayelitsha Bandwidth Barn Facebook page and the CiTi Youtube page


For our SAFETY AND SECURITY theme, Team OHMS and Team Tech Khaltsha are currently being coached by judge Carrie Leaver from AG Makers.


Learn more about Carrie Leaver here


Under our REACH AND SUPPORT theme, Team Basket and Team Thenga IT Troopers are currently being coached by judge Lara Rosmarin from CiTi.


Learn more about Lara Rosmarin here


And for our INCREASED CONNECTIVITY theme, Team Cyberspace and Team Tech Innovators are currently being coached by judge Tyrone Adams from Skywalk Innovations.


Learn more about Tyrone Adams here


Wongalethu Nyombolo, from Team Thenga IT Troopers, is a freelance content creator and is self-employed. 


TownshipTech Pitch Competition: Join us for an exciting battle 1


“The name ‘Thenga’ means acquisition or purchase. It’s a term often used a lot in the township when people are acquiring something of importance for themselves or a loved one. My great idea is coming up with a digitised directory list application that makes it easier for the community I come from to access all the local government services and information at the comfort of their homes.”


 Most importantly, he believes it will assist local municipalities to reach the masses in the township and help them access the services that are available for them. 


“The inspiration came from the constant struggle to reach the deserving people who need them the most, also innovation that will help my community needs to be in the forefront which will make our people’s lives pleasant.” 


Adding that this hackathon and pitch competition is his first, Wongalethu is confident of winning the competition.


“In a nutshell, the experience so far has been awesome! I’m definitely excited about winning the competition so I can use the prize to finance my innovation, Khayelitsha needs this. The township a.k.a Ikasi needs great innovations that seek to help them live a better life just like everybody else in the world.”


It is also the first pitch competition for Bonga Phuthuzo from Team Cyberspace. 


TownshipTech Pitch Competition: Join us for an exciting battle 2


An entrepreneur and former CapaCiTi candidate, his team is made up of friends who grew up in the same neighbourhood.  


“We believe that free internet access should be a basic human right. We are working on a project and we want to partner with social network companies like MTN & Vodacom to bring free internet access to the poor communities. So far it’s good because it’s providing an opportunity to the youth and helping us to think out of the box. So far I have learnt to work as a team and think innovative.”


Join us for a live broadcast to see our 6 finalists compete in the 2021 Township Tech Pitch Competition.